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Terry Crews and Jimmy Fallon Perform Unique Duet on ‘The Tonight Show’

Academy Awards afterparty CUN Terry Crews.jpg

On last night’s ‘The Tonight Show’, Terry Crews and Jimmy Fallon nip synced to Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney’s song “Ebony and Ivory.” The two performed shirtless to the song, with Jimmy Fallon using a green screen and a body double to perform the duet. Crew had been on the show to promote “Blended,” his new movie with costars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.

Image by John B. Mueller via Wikimedia Commons

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Fans Petition for Beyonce and Jay Z to Make ‘Run’ Movie

A member of the BeyHive has started a petition at for Beyonce and Jay Z to create the movie for the fake trailer they recently released. The fake movie trailer ended with “COMING NEVER”, since it was made to promote their upcoming tour ‘On The Run’ that starts on June 25. However, fans would love to see the famous couple actually make the movie.

Video via Instagram/ beyonce

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Palace of Versailles Refuses to Host Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Wedding

Château de Versailles au coucher du soleil en 2013 28.jpg

Catherine Pegard, the president of the Palace of Versailles, said it wouldn’t be possible for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to get married there. However, they welcome the publicity and would be happy to have them visit on the eve of their wedding for a private tour. She said, “In making this choice, they will contribute once more to a better understanding of Versailles, and will help to maintain the exceptional heritage of Versailles, which is classed as a world heritage site by Unesco.”

Image by Lionel Allorge via Wikimedia Commons

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Beyonce and Jay Z Release Movie Trailer For ‘On the Run’ Tour

Beyonce and Jay Z released a four-minute movie trailer to promote their summer ‘On the Run’ tour. The fake movie trailer features a bunch of A-list celebrities as the singers play two bank robbers on the run getting into trouble. Jay Z’s “Part II (On the Run)” plays in the background of the video as well. 

Image via YouTube/ JAY Z’s Life+Times

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Rihanna Raises Money for Charity With Cop’s Ruined Phone


After dropping L.A Police Commission President Steve Soboroff’s iPhone last week during a selfies, Rihanna has managed to turn the incident into a way to raise money for charity. Rihanna donated $25,000 to the Los Angeles Police Foundation and signed the case of the phone that she dropped with “Sorry! I love LAPD, Rihanna.” The smashed iPhone started on eBay at $250 and is now bid up to over $60,000.

Image via Twitter/ @eBay

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Standard Hotel Fires Employee Who Leaked Solange-Jay Z Fight Video

The Standard Hotel released a statement saying that they had identified and fired the person responsible for leaking the  alleged Solange-Jay Z fight video. They also said they “will now be pursuing all available civil and criminal remedies,” and “turning over all available information to the criminal authorities.” Neither Beyonce, Jay Z, nor Solange’s representatives have released any statements on the incident. 

Image by Beyond My Ken, via Wikimedia Commons

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TBS Commits to 4 More Years of Conan O’Brien

In a deal announced today, TBS has signed on Conan O’Brien for four more years of his show. His previous deal was set to expire in November, after first coming to the channel in 2010. Conan is the only late-night show that has a median viewer age under 40, proving to be a real asset to TBS.

Image by John J. Kruzel/American Forces Press Service, via Wikimedia Commons

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Justin Bieber Being Investigated for Attempted Robbery

Justin Bieber has been accused of attempted robbery after taking a woman’s cell phone out of her purse and refusing to give it back until she unlocked it. Bieber had demanded to see her phone after he thought she had been taking pictures of him at Sherman Oaks Castle Park. She had just wanted to say hi with her 13 year old daughter, to which Bieber started screaming at them that they should leave.

Image via Instagram/ justinbieber

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