Kanye West Celebrates 10 Year Album Anniversary

Ten years ago, Kanye West dropped his first hip-hop album The College Dropout and changed his life forever.  Kanye West shared his success with back-to-back posts all over social media.  This album took Kanye from beatmaker to one of the best rappers, to creative genius overnight.  Kim Kardashian, a very proud fiance posting a picture expressing her love and joy for her man.

Image via Instagram- Kim Kardashian

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Selena Gomez Caught In Justin Bieber's Wardrobe

Spotted in a red flannel, Selena Gomez appeared to be wearing a shirt previously worn by Justin Bieber.  With her short voluntary stay at rehab, and Bieber’s continued trouble-making the couple have seen much better days.  Gomez and Bieber both have been discrete in their attempts to reconnect but after Gomez wore Bieber’s shirt, it became much more obvious she was making more than just a fashion statement.

Image via Instagram- Justin Bieber

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Phiip Seymour Hoffman- Fatal Tragedy

Philip Seymour Hoffman 2011

The incredibly talented Phiip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in New York City on February 2, 2014. At the age of 46, Hoffman had an unforgettable run that many will remember.  The Oscar winning actor admittedly had a drug addiction he could not beat.  Hoffman always came alive on the big screen and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Image provided by, Georges Biard- Commons/Wikimedia

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Justin Bieber Jealous Over Selena Gomez

Everyday there is a new story about the mischief caused by Justin Bieber. He has recently been spotted at clubs and with new girls despite his fatal legal situtations.  You may think Bieber isn’t jealous and over his ex, but after hearing that Selena Gomez was hanging out with other guys, Bieber quickly made efforts to get Selena back.

Image provided by JustinBieberFans– Flickr

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Alec Baldwin's Daughter Stopped In Airport

Alec Baldwin by David Shankbone

On Alec Baldwin’s trip home from his relaxing stay at the Bahamas with his family, things took a turn for the worse.  Baldwin’s 5-month-old daughter, Carmen was randomly chosen for a pat-down by airport security on their way back to New York.  Baldwin shared his feelings towards this incident and had nothing positive to say about US airlines.

Image provided by David Shankbone- Commons/Wikimedia 

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Bieber Breaks Down & Cries For Selena


Justin Bieber can’t hide from anything these days.  His most recent DUI has caused chaos within the social media world and his stories, good and bad are all out in the open.  He reportedly called his ex Selena Gomez hysterical crying begging her to come back.  Rumor has it, she felt bad and they were spotted together the following day.

Image via Instagram/ Justin Bieber


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Lamar Odom's Desperate Calls To Kardashian Family


Franticly calling Khloe on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashions, Lamar Odom searches for support from his ex and the rest of the Kardashian family.  After ther tragic divorce, Khloe seems to be trying her best to keep Odom calm and safe.  Struggling to do so, Khloe has realized it’s harder than she thought to keep up with Lamar’s life-threatening addiction.

Image via Instagram/ Khloe Kardashian


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