Jennifer Lawrence Epic Photobomb At The Golden Globes

A picture says a thousand words.

On the red carpet at this years 2014 Golden Globe Awards, photographers captured a priceless moment between Jennifer Lawerence and Taylor Swift.  During an interview with Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawerence was caught photobombing in the background.  Lawrence admits to not having known her photo was being taken at that moment and was able to laugh it off along with Swift.

Image via Instagram/ betches

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Bruce Jenner: Father Figure To Lamar Odom

Bruce Jenner

Throughout Lamar Odom’s struggle to get his life back together, he has lost many loved ones.  His divorce from celebrity, Khloe Kardashian left him fighting to hold on to a family he once called his own.  Despite his loss, Odom gained support from Bruce Jenner who was spotted speaking words of encouragement to the former Cipper basketball player just last week.

Image provided by, Skratt- Commond/Wikimedia


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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Uncle Phil Passes Away

James Avery HAL Awards (cropped)

Known best as Uncle Phil, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star James Avery recently passed away at the age of 68.  Avery had been suffering from an unknown illness for a period of time, and after undergoing surgery the illness got the best of him.  Co-stars from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air posted heartbreaking messages to Avery through social media.  He will be deeply missed.

Image provided by ATX-NL-  Commone/Wikimedia

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